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This stuff has been sitting in my dads garage for to long now, so time for a sale. Buyer pays all of actual shipping. Just use ups.com and get an estimate from 59102 for shipping. Not trying to make a killing on this stuff. Would rather see it all go then get top dollar. Open to any reasonable offers. I will only accept paypal, and money orders unless other arrangements are made before sale is final.

**Tubular manifold flanged for an internal gated t3. Has small supports welded on bottom of each runner and 2 on the t3 flange. Could easily be tapped for external gate if needed. This is never used. Should fit both 1g/2g, may require a mounting hole or two to be enlarged. $75

**2g exhaust manifold. No cracks, and all bolt holes intact with no stripped bolts. Not ported. $40

**True greddy type S Bov. I bought used about 2 years ago, so no clue on miles used. The adjuster screw on top stripped out on me about 2 months before I installed my new HKS bov. I tapped the hole larger and used a larger bolt and nut. I never leak tested it, but it worked just as good as the day I bought it! The paint is not the best, it is defiantly used. I can include the pipe pictured for an extra $5 if wanted. $100

**Saab 5 bolt internal waste gate housing off a t3. Includes the actuator. Has the 3 bolt pattern to the down pipe. This came off of a Garrett T3/T4 Hybrid To4B compressor housing with "S" trim wheel, with a AR.48. The pinkish color is the finishing burning off. $50

**Couple different size and style fittings, with some SS line.
-About 2" of -10 an line $5
-90* -10 an fitting $15
-Straight -10 an fitting $10
-90* pushlock fitting for -6 an and 1/2" line I believe $2
-Straight fitting for -6 an and 1/2" line $2
-About 18" line with a 1/4 pipe male pipe thread, and -4 an female. Used for an oil feed line for the turbo listed above. Not long enough as is for an eclipse. $20

**Exhaust manifold flange. Was used as a spacer for a larger turbo to clear water line. May need holes enlarged to fit 1g. $15

**2ga factory head lights off an eclipse. Have some yellowing from the age. Both left and right included. Second picture is blurry from being to close but is shows the yellowing. $50

**2g factory tail lights off an eclipse. ONLY left and right, NO center. $35

**2ga fog lights with brackets. No bolts. I think it takes of 4 of the 12mm head sized bolts, maybe 10mm. Drivers side has a small circular crack on inside edge, did not leak moisture and still works flawlessly. $25

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Any offers?? Here is a list of stuff I would trade for...
3" gm maf
Maf translator (both unhacked)
2g grey center console
2g black tail lights (aftermarket is fine but would like pics)
Autometer c2 full sweep electric gauges oil psi and water temp
Large cone style K&n filter (I can recharge if needed)

Make offers I need this stuff gone!!
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