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Well I just bought this car a about a month ago. The car runs great but I just want something else. I'm interested in any decent cars or something plus cash as a trade, I need a more suitable DD. Here goes.
1990 Eclipse GSX, 98k, 5 speed. It has a few dents and scratches but nothing major, the car is very clean for a '90. It also has a sunroof.
Done by previous owner:
-Good condition black leather interior
-Timing belt/water pump
-P/S and A/C removed
-Newer rear
-Balance shafts removed
-Large FMIC
-Dejon short route IC piping
-2g MAS
-2g Dejon intake pipe
-Evo 9 fuel inejectors
-Evo 9 fuel pump
-2.5" Turboback
-Hollow cat
-KYB GR-2's and Eibach PRO-KIT (rears are not installed, I have them though)
-Magnecore wires
-Emissions removed
-New fuel filter
-New cam gear seal
-2g leather weighted shift knob
-Tinted headlights

Things i've done since i've owned it (about a month)
-Put a new transfer case on
-New passenger side caliper cradle
-Oil/filter change
-Breather filter
-Changed the trans fluid with GM SYNCROMESH
-Put a headlight center peice in
-Drilled the J pipe/put in a fitting for MBC
-Hallman MBC
-Oil return gasket (at the pan)
-Painted the trim that runs through the tail lights black because it was faded
-Painted the heat sheild silver
The car runs pretty good overall. I need to get another new oil return gasket and new bolts because the bolts are effed and it still leaks. It also needs a new wastegate actuator or turbo hotside because the boost spikes even with the MBC installed now.
Price is $3,500 firm


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If you want to fix that boost spike... you might try running the boost reference for the wastegate actuator from somewhere else besides the BOV line. ;)

Good luck with the sale... free bump for a clean car!

*ps* If that car really is AWD it is one hell of a sleeper! GS wheels.. GS badge on the rear.
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