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Fuel Injectors.. what size?

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here is my current setup.
14b td05h turbo
3" turbo back
2.5" downpipe
Ported exhaust manifold
Ported o2 housing
turbo xs boost controller
FMIC( which almost freezes at night now :D )
Zeitronix Wideband
Stock injectors and stock pump.

ok i know i am going to get a welbroh 255 LPH pump
but i am debating whether i should get 550cc injejectors or 650 or 680,
if so what brand, is the rc any good?
I just recently purchased a 20g tdo6h turbo and want to be able to run a pretty good number of boost =)
any suggestions would be helpful
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You need to go atleast with a 650cc to push that 20G. If you are going DSMLink go with 680 or higher. If you are going the AFPR+AFC way go with 650cc so your timing doesn't go nuts. Look into FIC injectors I hear good things and they are at a good price now.
I wouldn't go smaller than 660s for a 20G setup. Problem is that you can't go much larger either with the Safc2. Well, you can but tuning is tougher because of the amount of airflow that you are hiding.
yeah i agree you would want atleast 650's but even those are kinda small for a 20g. Id sell the s-afc get dsm link and get something bigger like 720's:)
thanks all. now i need to start looking into getting dsm link =)
i ran a 20g on my 97gsx with a stock 7bolt. heres my experience.

mods: 3in intake with stock mas, TDO6H 20g with 40mm external on a Victory performance 02 housing, front mount kit, 3in exhaust, stock fuel pressure regulator, 255pump rewired, afc, 680s(dont flow much more than 650s) 309awhp on a bone stock 7bolt at 20psi. Just for shits we threw in 5 gallons of race gas at a little less then a quarter tank turned the boost up to 26psi(little bit scary considering i had 90k miles on the motor and stock head studs and gasket) and made 361awhp and 366ftlbs with no audible knock and room left to tune on the afc. based on that i can say that dsmlink is not necessary for such an application. People seem to forget to keep things simple!!!!!!!!

results after having the head off to put in new arp studs and 4layer gasket, had head refreshed (3angle valve job, new seals, new valve springs, cleaning of the ports no real port work)
i installed a HKS 264 intake cam and a 272 exhaust cam. picked up a Magnus intake manifold and used a 1g throttle body
my new 20psi numbers went up to 355awhp a little dissapointed the torque didnt come up much at that boost level only like 5ftlbs of torque increase 301ftlbs but all in all a good setup very streetable. the magnus wasnt too bad for me to install u need to shorten ur ic pipe and get a small honda battery. other than that just relocating the coilpacks and transitor isnt too bad

i wish i still had my 20g best street setup i had. i never got to do race gas with the cams and sheetmetal intake in. if i saw similar gains like i did with the early race gas numbers would have made 400awhp easy

just a little side note about myself. ive been into dsm since 96 when i wasnt even driving yet. Im 24 now and have owned my 97gsx since the middle of 99. ive experimented personally with 6 different turbo setups for the 7bolt T25,T28,14b,16g,20g,60-1 and a very basic setup utilizing a true 20g works the best for sure. youll have a daily driven street car that can turn 11s at the track drive from connecticut to florida and then back again and not have issues.

if u need help let me know i can tell u part for part what i used and give u recommendations
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Keep it simple to me is getting the car running and tuned well with the least amount of work. DSMLink in that reguard is the simple way over an AFC. A Safc might cost less but you can do alot more with DSMLink and it is child's play to tune.

Does the Safc work? Hell yes.
Is DSMLink a better tuning tool? <insert something better than hell yes here>
your right it is a better tuning tool but its still based on a simple slide scale when tuning fuel exactly like the afc. He already has an afc and for that setup thats all he needs. u dont need to go bigger than 720s for sure which the afc is certainly capable of tuning. why spend money he doesnt have to. hes got to get a eprom get it socketed and then spend another 600 on dsmlink when he already has the tool he needs. to me its not worth it.

If u want to talk about ultimate tuning for the money then dsmlink is garbage compared to Autronic - a complete standalone which is a true plug and play unlike AEM. (which i consider to be a pain in the ass and not worth it for anyone less than a AEM techy) The Autronic features a self learning curve no bullshit base maps that dont work. plus it has a built in injector driver for all impedence ranges which aem charges extra for.

But back to this guys 20g setup. Its up to u whether u want to spend extra money but for your purposes a simple afc will work fine with a set of 650s and other supporting fuel mods. u can be sure ull have enough fuel by getting a AFPR. I got the Aeromotive regulator. very nice piece. u can get the whole kit from Fuel Injector Clinic right now for 210 shipped i think. comes with a liquid filled gauge and braided fuel lines. remember that by increasing the fuel pressure at the rail u can increase the flow rate. definitely wont be needed at pump gas levels but maybe if ur daring on race gas boost u may need a tad extra fuel.
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let me add that i did not have the regulator when i was producing those numbers on the 20g.
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