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Fuel pump not priming

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I would appreciate help, Im not getting any responses at dsmtuners.com, so show me wno REALLY knows their stuff.

Ok, so on saturday, I fire up the 95 GST and start to drive down my street. The car is cold, and runs about 50ft and dies. It will not restart. Here is my diagnosis.

The pump was not priming at all. When I turn on the key, nothing... but when I turn the engine over and try and start, the pump turns. The fuel rail is getting fuel, but obviously not full pressure. I have good spark, and 180 compression all across the head.

What I need help with: Where is the fuse/relay for the injectors and fuel pump. I have not tested the injectors with a bulb yet to see if they are getting power since I am too frustrated with the car at the moment. I replaced the pump today, but same problem exsists. So, I have spark, compression, and fuel going to the rail, but no priming pump.

Can someone tell me where to go next? Why would the pump spin when being cranked over, but not prime? Are they on a seperate circuit for the priming feature? I cannot find anything labeled in the relay box for the MFI.
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uh priming ?
the pump does not turn on till you crank the engine. it does not turn on when you just have the ignition on.
Hmm, figured it was like most vehicles (including my 92 Z28, 04 Dakota, 03 Sentra) where you turn the key to "on" and the pump pressurizes for rougly 1sec to prime the system.

In any case, my car jumped timing, so I have bigger problems.
well yes, as stated. your pump will not turn on till the cas see's a signal. i would go get a 30 dollar fuel pressure guage and try to figure out what is going on.. sounds like it could be a dead fpr.... but if you jumped timing, this info probably will not help you till the future. good luck.
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