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We have a new style coming out to the public in the next two or three months and we want to give forum members a head start on the seats before they come out officially.

We are starting a group buy over a couple of different forums and the prices will drop in tiers depending on the total order over all the forums that we advertise on. This means it should be much easier to hit our goals.

We will be aiming for 10-15 orders before we start the manufacturing process. It will take up to 7 business days to complete the manufacturing and another 14 days to get to us. Once we have it in our hands we will begin shipping them out immediately. The total process from when we complete the GB and getting to your door should be no more than 4 weeks, worst case maybe 6 weeks.


1-10 Orders : $550 (Shipping to continental US included)
20+ Orders : $500 (Shipping to continental US included)

Lead Time : 4-6 weeks

Customizations: We will be doing customizations for a nominal fee, however I am still waiting for a list of available customizations. We can do logo or no-logo for no additional charge.

How long will the GB last?
The shorter it is the better. However, we will be aiming for 2-4 weeks depending on the momentum.

More photos?
We have a ton more on our website so feel free to check it out.

We will be taking 50% deposits to place the order and the other 50% when the product is ready to ship. If you pay 100% it will cut down the processing time.

Note: Like any other aftermarket racing seat, brackets are required for proper installation. We can make over 800+ applications of seat brackets and all of them are custom made locally in the US. If purchasing with our seats in this group buy, we will be selling the set of brackets for $155 shipped to your door.

Color: Black & Red
Material: Jacquard Fabric & Carbon Fiber Texture PU

Color: Black w/ Red Stitching
Material: PU & Carbon Fiber Texture PU
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