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Glow in the dark paint?

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I think that it is awesome what about you all.
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Sarcasm on*
That's awesome! I hear they are coming out with hyper-color paint next year!
Sarcasm off*

Sarcasm on*
you right
Sarcasm off*
Your a big Douche
When you ask for my opinion don't get your panties in a bunch when you don't like what I say.

Most people here will say it is rice.

Also the way most glow in the dark products work, it will only glow for a few minutes after you go from light to dark. So you better carry around a big flashlight to charge up your paint every time you want to look cool.
hey man don’t take it seriously
I can see where your coming from though. Im taking that off (just wanted to see what it looked like.) I am going to put a graphic on the side though like what is on the signal 180sx though.

I think that it looks nice you cant see it during daytime but you can see it at night time and it lasts for a couple of hours.
well whatever floats your boat.

I hope you have some power upgrades to back up the flash.
its a gsx beat like 95% hondas alrdy ;)
Um, ok...
It's sad the people take cheap cars (like DSMs) and turn them into rice.
to each his own...even though i wont call you ricer or diss you like all the other people on this forum...ill just say that glow in the dark paint looks nice..but is prolly very very expensive
wats wrong with glow in the dark paint? to each his own, the man can do what ever he wants to it, its not rice if he is modifying his car how he wants to, not how someone else says he should.
hey...one mans acessory is another mans rice
right ,
any way it looks nice
And thats it on my avitar.(,the paint)
Do you have any links to any pictures other than your avatar?
I hate when DSMs are turned into rice. I saw this guy the other day with a 2g and he had the CF hood and big ass park bench and the lame body kit and then I asked him if him if it was turboed and he said NO. I started to laugh. I couldnt stop laughing at him. That shit was funny. Then he backed up his story and said that he was going to be switching to the JDM turboed motor and i just told him good luck

I should tell him about the glow in the dark rice shit
If it's done tastfully then I think it would look ok. It would be kinda like ghost flames, some angles you can barely see them others the stand out really well. I say go for it and post some picts to this thread cause I don't want to search for next time I get on this board. :D Yea I'm lazy too.
2g and he had the CF hood and big ass park bench and the lame body kit
Haha, a park bench that's funny.
Buy a Honduhh and then rice it out..... Please dont rice out a DSM, Please!
Hey if you all only knew how long it took me to decide rather it was rice or not. literally after 2 1/2 hours later walking around the paint store i decided that it could be rice if it was done wrong, but it could be done right.

now the emblem i painted is coming off and im going o only do a pin stripe or something nothing big but i dose look good at night.

I never dynode my car, but im almost sure a decent amount of power so its not like its an old piece of poo dsm. It has some balls to it.
i dunno i think it would look gawdy on anything but a showcar.... besides wouldn't it be illegal t have that kind of paint on your car?
Don’t mind that one post I did omg it is misspelled out the ass in places (my laptop sucks)
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