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Goal for my 97 GST

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Right now my goal for next year is to hit a low 13 something below a 13.5 or so. My mods so far are 3'' cat back,intake,atc2100,mbc, greddy type s bov,Big 16G
Mods im getting: 3'' downpipe,safc,250 or 190 walbro pump with rewire kit, probally 550 injectors,
Is it possible to achieve this? I dont want to change my intercooler unless I have to.
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yea man i think that it is possible to get ur goal, but i think u should get intercooler piping just to help. Also i got my GS-T in the high 13 with my stock turbo. i got a FMIC and turbo back exhaust no cat, ported o2 housing, ported manifold, ported intake manifold, intake and FIPK, and then full suspension and all that good stuff on 13 psi. and it was on pump gas
I plan on running higher boost like around 18 or so . also to add on mods to get is data logger .
geez you should be close NOW! You all FWDriveys dont factor in your Wheel Spin compared to us AWD's you all NEED, i mean NEED a good set (at least 2) tires to get traction and launch at higher rpm with no wheel or minimal wheel spin. launch at like 3,200 rpm - 3,500 rpm with some DOT slicks (nitto 555r's, Mickey T's) and you should surpass that goal now eaisily
I cant get a decent launch at all right now. Im running like 12psi right now at the elevation im at I think my best time would be a 14xx
If you get the mods you are talking about 18 psi will be nothing. Put in some 116 and crank it up to 23 or 24!
i have a 95 tsi and i just put in an evoIII and i can still launch like how i used too before. anything under 4K i bog out. so i hold it around 4200 and instead of "popping" the clutch just try slipping it out, yeah you'll spin out a bit but you'll still have forward motion. if it tends to stay at redline play with the throttle a bit till it catches and when it does just hit it again and you should be good, thats what i do and its been workin for me so far. whenever i would just pop the clutch it would wheel hop like a muther and that shit never sounded good. so i slip it now. i have an act2100 by the way.
Yeah I have the same act2100, I usally launch around 4k or some times get ancy and just wherever, I usally can do good If I dont get anxious, I race my friends stock wrx all the time and He has yet to beat me through the intersection I only give it like 70% throttle through 1st gear than wait tell my tires gain grip at than full throttle all the way through the rest, Do I need to change my intercooler?
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