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Got in wreck! need you guys to help me out

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hey guys...i really need the dsmtalk fam to come together and help a brother out... about 3 days ago i was on my way back to work and i was cruisin the speed limit in my 97 tsi when some lady blew a stop sign on a side street. she cut right in front of me in her pos tempo and i t-boned her in the door. my whole front end is smashed in... what is worse is that my dad pays my talon insurance and i pay his van insurance cause my driving record isnt that great so it will keep the payment down. well my dad is an alcoholic and lapsed the insurance... so i am sol....true story... and my dad is so poor that he cant give me any money so i need some help if anyone has some parts. the worse part is i just tool 2nd at NOPI 3 weeks ago in norwalk. :( heres what i need.
- 97 oem front talon bumper.
- oem (perferred carbon fiber if good enough price) hood.
- radiator
- radiator support
- steering wheel (OEM or MOMO)
- rear hatch
- windshield...i think ill have to get that
- headlights
- fenders

i really hope you guys can help me out or know anyone else that can. thanks.

- jeremy aka turbobird14
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check dsmtuner.com classfied there is a moderator selling his 2gb talon bumper and rear.
I dunno what color your car is, but I have a white (OEM northstar white, i think) 2g parts car. Its an eclipse, so some things might be a little different.

Here's what I have:
2g White Hood - Has a small dent on the 'power-buldge' Only noticeable when light hits it the right way.
Rear hatch - Again, painted OEM white, tinted 35% (i'm sure you can strip it if you want) and has holes for the stock Eclipse 2g LOW turbo spoiler. The hatch itself is perfect, no dents, scratches, or paint fade. Just a little dirty from being outside.
OEM Steering Wheel - Its from an eclipse, so it'll have Mitsu logo on it. Again, just dirty from being outside.

I see you're in a bind. Email me and I'll be glad to help out. I'll work with you, i don't expect to get rich off this stuff.

i can order you a new front rad support for 250$ (can) from cross canada
Isint the accident her fault and thus the damage to your car is payed for by her insurance company? Or is that different because you have no insurance at all... either way it would seem that its her fault and she should have to pay.
Michigan has a "no-fault" policy.
Don't you guys in MI have to pay "uninsured motorist coverage" on your taxes??
i have the radiator with fan, $30 +shipping osund ok? [email protected] is my email/paypal
****** said:
Michigan has a "no-fault" policy.
I believe NY has a 'no fault' policy too, but if its obvious someone was 100% the cause of accident [ running stop sign, rear ending] then you should be able to go through the dumb bitches insurance. what did the cop say that came to the scene? did she get a ticket for runnig the stop sign?
OKey... expert in this sort of accident here. Same front end accident.
Now what you need to do is pray and hope the front frame rails are not damaged. Mine were even though it from the looks of it the the damage didn't look that bad. The whole front radiator support, you are going to have to get new OEM and you HAVE to get the old one cut out and new one installed by a good body shop. Don't bother looked for a good C/F hood unless you are prepaired to wait a while. Personally I didn't want to go with a VIS hood and wanted a Fiber Images hood, howeve FI hoods were on back order for like 2 months, so F that, shott from here hooked me up with the hood so it was all good. So now I'm assuming you need new steering wheel because your airbags went off. Try to get in touch with greantsteak or streak, not sure. He's the moderator here, he has a driver's side air bag that he could sell cheap. I initially was going to buy it from him but shott17 had a complete car which I practically raped, took out everything possible. Anyway, You are ALSO going to need a new condensor if you want AC to work. if you want the fan motors, I got those from my accident, the motors were fine, just the blades were either bent or the shroud has been bent so that they don't spin anymore. You can buy shroud and blades alone from the dealership.
Good luck, let me know if you have any questions, like I said. My GSX had a similar front end accident, it was a bitch to fix because technically your car is now tottaled. You have 4-5 thousand dollars worth of damage at least. Might not look as much, but it is. Again, good luck.
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wow...i didnt think it was that much tourble....and btw, the only thing i can do is go to small claims court and get a few hundred bones out of her but more than likelt she owuld never pay and we would have to go back to court like 5-6 times and it wouldnt be worth it. dont need ac condenser cause im taking out my air, and why is it so hard to get my rad support out? if cutting it out is the problem ill be ok, but to install it...isnt it pretty much bolt on?....shock towers are fine, the frame rails look untouched so??? i dont know
do you still need these parts?

I have a white hatch from a 95, a black hatch from a 95, and another black hath that was sanded down, but had a aluminum wing on it

I have a parts car with a good windshield if you wanted it too

also have the steering wheel, and a drivers fender

I am in the detroit area so I am pretty close to you. I have any other dsm part you would probably need to as I have parted out 30 dsm's

let me know..
i have a radiator and fans for you but i dont have the mounting brackets so how dose 100 bucks plus shipping sound to you.?????? i live in calgary, alberta, canada.

let me know what you think and pm me if you want it
i have a red 99 rear hatch hood radaitor and stearing wheel with air bag let me know if you nead them PM me
i will be pm'ing you all once i get some money together cause i really do need some of these parts. thanks
try auto-bodyparts.com for the front bumper and supports and other oem pieces. importfan.com has a rear hatch
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