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Great tie bar from DGI

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I have had this bar for a few months now and figured I would give a review.

Super easy. Took me all of 20 minutes to do it. You basically pop off the plastic cover over the seat belt bolt and remove the bolt. Then put the end brackets in and bolt it down. Finally, you put the bar itself on with bolts/nuts.

I have both RRE front bars as well as RMDSM sway bars. Before the DGI bar I could *feel* the back of the car being a little sloppy compaired to the nice stiff feeling the front had. The rear of the car felt like it would twist on hard cornering and didn't feel attached to the ground very well. After the DGI bar went in the car felt MUCH different. Way more tied down and more predictable as well. I can even tell the car is creaking less going into driveways and such. I spend a lot of my time hauling ass over mountain passes and this bar has really made it more fun.

The construction of the bar is really top notch. No Ebay crap here. The bar and all the hardware (brackets, bolts, etc.) are super bomber. Once the bar is in you can literally move the car by grabbing the bar before it will flex. You can also preload the bar by twisting forward or backwards once it's installed. If they end up getting the full Chassis Strengthening setup made for our cars I will be the first in line to get it.
The customer service is also great as you would expect from a shop that makes great parts like this.

Here is a link to the site: http://www.dgiautomotive.com/
Any questions?
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You got any pics of your set up. I'd like to see a few more close ups of the bolts and end points and material used in production. Currently I have a DC sports front and rear strut bar, I have yet to see a beefier rear strut bar than the one I have now, if I do get this tie bar... which I might, it seems it'll solely be for looks instead of actual performance.
I don't have any close ups of my setup. They may have some on the website though. I can assure you it's not weak at all. The bracket that goes under the seatbelt bolt is a very beefy CNC part. The bar itself is solid aluminum and the endlinks are solid as well. They are also threaded and have lock nuts on the end so you can set preload of the bar if you want to. Like I said, if you grab it you can move the entire car before any part of the bar will flex.

This part works different than a strut tie bar because it actually ties the chassis together like a partial cage rather than just stopping the upper suspension mount points from moving together. I was a little skeptical at first as well. But I spend a lot of time driving very hard over the mountain passes around here and I can tell you it works. I originally wanted something like this to stiffen the chassis without putting in a full cage. I also have the tie bars from RRE and RMDSM sway bars and I could still tell a difference. I can't imagine how much it would change a car without any tie bars. I really hope they end up making the Full setup for our cars because I think it would stiffen the car much like a cage but without the downsides. It can also be taken out in like 2min. since it is quick disconnect which is nice if you want to put two small people in the back or some other crap in the hatch area. The main bar doesn't get in the way of the seats folding down or of people sitting back there.
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do you know if they have one or the 2g will fit in a 1g it looks nice
Not sure if it would fit a 1g or not. I have a buddy that has this same bar in his 2g but he also owns a 1g. I'll have him measure and see if it will fit.
What about the seat belts? Do they still let the belts bolt on or do they have to be removed entirely?
The seat belts stay in and functional. The bracket just mounts under the bolt. The seats can also still be folded down and people can still sit in the back as well. If you need to take it out you can leave the mouting bracket in and just take out the bar itself in a couple minutes.
can the bar be used for 4 point seat belts? What's it made out of?
This bar is made of solid aluminum and the endlinks are solid steel with steel mounting plates as well.

I think they make a different bar for harness mounting.
jmakado said:
This bar is made of solid aluminum and the endlinks are solid steel with steel mounting plates as well.

I think they make a different bar for harness mounting.
okay cool. I was just thinking the mount points were excellat so maybe it would be suitable.
I don't know the NHRA rules for seat belts so it may be fine. I wouldn't worry about the strength of it at all but I just really don't know the rules.
You know, this makes me wonder if I can make an X bar that'll connect the top rear seatbelt bolts to the bottom front seat belts.
Any chance you can get some detailed pics of it?
Shit, I can try. I am working on a laptop now as my regular computer died. I need to get the camera software on it and then I can try. What exactly do you guys want shots of?
Shots of the mounting points, a shot looking at it from the drivers seat, shots of what kind of space it takes up, etc. Thanks
I'll see if I can get those for ya.
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