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Greddy 24R Intercooler w/ 16g

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I was wondering if the Greddy 24R Intercooler kit was a good match with a 16g turbo. Is it too big? What are some pros and cons? Thanks
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No, most 2g's use it...I personally think there are way better kits out there

The greddy kit is $850 and comes with super-long route 2.25" piping...Better yet, the piping only goes to the stock smic location so you have to buy new uicp's on top of that...It's not a really good deal, Im more of a fan of short-route fmic's...

But, if that's what you want, then yes it will flow enough (not too much) for a 16g
i can vouch and say the 24r greddy ic kit with 16g "works".. why? cause i use to run that setup.. actually a ported big16g.. i still run that fmic but with a 50 trim now.. the greddy kit works.. but as said above.. there are WAYYYYYYYYY better kits out there now.. for around the same price range..

the obvious annoyance with the greddy fmic kit.. is the maze of the ic pipe routing.. the piping is 2.25 as said above.. the better kits can have 2.5" piping.. with short route.. and bigger/better cores..

as someone who actually has ran that setup.. and is using that fmic now.. i would say look at the other better kits out there.. if i was still into fixing up my car id prob try and get rid of my greddy 24r and get a different setup.. but like i said.. my car is done.. and the kit "works" with my setup.. more so "satisfied" ..

but if you intend to get it.. check but it used.. if i ever got rid of mine i'd prob sell it for around 300ish+shipping.. so im sure others think the same.. and no i wont sell you mine
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I will mimic the above comments. Years ago it was a good option. Anymore it isn't so hot. Mostly because of the price for what you get. Much better options out there now.
Thanks for the replys and suggestions. So understanding there are better kits out there which will give me more bang for my buck, what would you guys recommend? And where would you recommend I get it from? Appreciate the help.
SBR FMIC for under 900$ comes with some of the shortest piping you can find....

Huge Intercoolers....

There have been threads like this in the past so a little time with the search button will probably give you good results on the fmics that people like.

I have the Apex'i kit which is old school now too. If I were to buy over again I would probably pick up the HRC kit.
but doesnt the HRC kit have 2.25 piping?
Not sure but I do know that I use that size intercooler piping now...for most of the pipes on my Apex'i now. Still manage over 120 on pump. :) That doesn't mean that there is power to be gained by going to a 2.5" pipe though. Just haven't spent the money on it yet.
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