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greddy timing belt

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i want to know if anyone has gotten the greddy timing belt i havent seena review on it, and now im hesitatant to buy it if its garbage, im either gona get that or an OEM now i estimate close to a 500hp car so take that factor into play also
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i have 1 good stuff cant beat the quality, went with it because, of the uprgaded valve springs, wearing out the factory belt fast, btw, this should be in parts talk
Read the forum description. If it isnt' a review it doesn't go here. ;)

Moving to Parts Talk.
firestarter4206 said:
ima bump it up

eww yer gonna get it, bumps are not allowed here , its a good way to get banned/ get yer thread locked
Spoolin69's had great luck with the greedy belt, but I'll let him tell you about it if he gets a chance.
I use the power enterprises timing belt and it works great
I tried to start a POLL of Greddy Timing Belt VS Power Enterprise but I´m too new in this site. Can someone post it for me.

OEM is not an option.
I also have the power enterprises belt and happy with it, and no problems with it :)
gvr4dsmer said:
Spoolin69's had great luck with the greedy belt, but I'll let him tell you about it if he gets a chance.
That's right Sam! I love the belt and I would never run anything else on my belovid DSM. Anything that the "GOD" Shep would run on his car is good enough for my car!
Hi, im that one broke valves at 15 mph, only and just only the balanshaf tiny belt was to tight thats broke and gets in to the timing belt.

Then worth it? buy the greddy or power enterprices timing belt?. Exist any tech info outside the marketing info that help to learn why this expensive belts are beter.

I eliminate the balance shaft im running .20 JE heavy ported head, crower cams/srpings, im near go to dyno so. im thinking prepare it to tune it.
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