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Local Pickups welcome

Created to be the most reliable blow off valve system available, the GReddy Type-RS's state-of-the art design allows for greater performance in a compact size. Improved response and increased pressure are achieved through carefully selected spring rates and a large 40mm valve. The real unique feature of the Type-RS blow off valve is the CNC machined 8 discharge ports that draw in the surrounding air to amplify the blow-off sound. The Type-RS is compatible with the standard GReddy Blow-off Valve flanges.



Key Features:

The GReddy Type-RS features high capacity performance, and a compact frame that set new standards for blow off valves.
The GReddy Type-RS features an 8 discharge ports that draw in surrounding air and release a unique discharge sound.
The GReddy Type-RS features a 40mm, hard-anodized valve for increased airflow.
High-quality diaphragm and short stroke significantly increase response.
The GReddy Type-RS's dual spring system promoted response and allows for high boost pressures.
The GReddy Type-RS features optional discharge adapters for rerouting discharged air.
Built for easy adaptability the Type-RS uses the same two-bolt flanges as the Type S and Type R valves.
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