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GS-T and GSX front suspension

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Will the control arms, front struts, and sway bar on my gst swap over to a gsx?
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well i think i found the answer for my own question. Yes, they are the same cause I was looking at the GS-T to GSX swap and they never say you need any of the front end stuff except for the axles :)
Just did a quick check on CAPS and mitsubishiparts.com and only the shocks are not interchangable. I believe that is why when you purchase shock you have to specify with its awd or fwd.

MB910500 $107.95 $0.00 $79.02
Front suspension - Suspension components - Strut
STRUT, Eclipse, AWD - 1995-99

MB910499 $107.95 $0.00 $79.02
Front suspension - Suspension components - Strut
STRUT, Eclipse, 2WD, w/o Convertible, w/Turbo, To 2/2/95 - 1995-99 1995

Good luck!
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The AWD struts are longer by about 1" longer and have a higher compression value also the springs have a higher K # value. If you have not noticed AWD cars ride a bit higher then there FWD brothers. The strut/springs are also heavier to assist with the few hundred extra lb from the extra bits.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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