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GSX AWD Automatic to Manual swap differential help

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So I'm putting a 6 bolt in my Gsx along with a manual tranny. The problem of this situation is the much controversial REAR END differences between the maunal and auto trannied GSX's. I'd like to play it safe and do the swap instead of listening to all the magical stories of exeptions where the swap isnt needed.


1. Can I just swap the gears inside the housing keeping the CV shafts?


2. Do I need to get the freakin whole assembly of everything rear end on a manual gsx to do the swap?

Does anyone understand me?
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yes you need the a matching rear end gear ratio.
When I did my swap from at to mt i just bought a rear diff and case from a manual awd with an open rear. I used the manual case along with the ring and pinion gear from the manual and just installed the lsd diff from my auto. It all worked out well even the backlash was within spec. And needless to say the axels fit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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