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Gsx-Lex's Ride

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As most of you know, my car was taken from me on Oct 2006, so instead of putting up a parts list of all mods she had raped from her, I would rather tell you the story of how she came to be.

I was in 7th grade when I saw the commercial of the eclipse that would change my life. Back then, I was too young to get a driver's license, let alone afford a car payment. I knew what I wanted, so it sat in the back of my mind until college.

Fast forward 6 years to my first year in College. I went to Japan the previous summer, and after seeing Evos and skylines Everywhere, I knew I didn't want to settle for a Honda ( the Honda epidemic hit the east coast hard, everywhere you looked you saw a modded civic/integra). Spring of 2001, I remember going to the local hangout spot in a friend's civic and seeing a stock appearing silver GSX killing mustangs and camaros. I got bit by the bug and got bit hard. The next 2 months were spent searching for a GSX. I finally found one but it was three hours away from my college. I convinced my buddy Billy (now Bdubbs on this forum ;) ), to test drive it. I remember talking to him on the phone as he drove the car around. "Wow this thing is fast" and "it handles like a dream" were all that came out of his mouth. I couldn't take it! That evening, I took the 6 hour round trip train ride from college to drive the car for a couple of minutes. I was in love....

Originally, Like Erik, I also had a plan. big16g/ 13 second car. I knew nothing about drag racing, mechanics, etc. I was good at math and that was my meal ticket in college. EVERY CENT that didn't go into college expenses, went into this car. I remember eating canned soup for dinner for 3 weeks straight, so that I could afford the lowering spring/shock combo form Machv. I remember working my first turbo installation in between classes in the public parking garage, or even going to a Car wash bay in the middle of the night to install my boost gauge because the parking garage that I used had no lights.

It's now the end of 2006, looking back on my car portfolio, I've been from coast to coast, started the biggest (and best) DSM club in the state/surrounding states, Met (and gotten drunk with;)) some of the most influential people in the DSM community, worked on/tuned everything from 10 sec drag cars to professional drift cars, and spawned a dyno shop. Never In my WILDEST dreams did I ever envision typing this about what WAS MY 12.0 second 6 bolted GSX as a MODERATOR of a forum that I respect so much that it took me 2 weeks to work up the courage to make my first post back in 2001.

All of this was made possible because of a commercial that I saw in middle school, and a little red car that always put a smile on my face.

here's a pic of her at my first DSM meet (sjdsm) in 2003. I'll see if I can dig up some older pics of her.


The New:

Thanks for reading..........

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Where are the pictures of the damn Effo Lex Luther?
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Please update all of your bookmarks to reflect the new web address of "Awesomeness" and "cawabunba".
Time to lock her up then!
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