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well...I'm selling my GT3257e. It has about 4,500-5,000 miles. It has a mitsu exhaust housing, divided for WG in o2 housing. It spooled up 20psi at about 3,900-4000...I really never checked exactly the rpm's but that's around. It spools a bit faster than a 50 trim according to my friend, who has a 50 trim and drove mine. Well...I'm selling it for about $650. Pm me if interested, thanks
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this are a few old pics of the turbo. You see here that it has a 2 3/8 " elbow welded to the driver side. It doesn't hit the front engine mount or anything.

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nope, just the turbo :) If anyone interested I can do a great deal of turbo + ship...need the money ASAP!
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