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has to be coolant temp sensor right?

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Ive been chasing down why my fans dont work, following a checklist.. i did the following today:

Checked 12v with no key on, checked the 12v with key on, checked both grounds at the rad relay. All connections checked out. I verified the fan motor works (and does when jumped) and went ahead and bypassed the coolant sensor in the rad and the fan turned on. is there something im missing, or only thing left is the coolant sensor in the radiator?
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just the sensor, i'm sure.
shekky said:
just the sensor, i'm sure.
Cool, ill give it a shot tomorrow with a new one, if not, ill be back. :rolleyes:
Well, installed it and now my damn fan is always on with the key... didnt work with old thermometric sensor, always on with new one. Possible bad sensor?
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