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Head Gasket Repair
How to Clean the block surface
Pistons installed.

The subject block is a 4G63, 7 bolt

First roll the crank over till all 4 pistons are at mid stroke

Now find some sort of grease, I am using wheel bearing grease

Get a finger full

Now smear it into a seal around the wall of the cylinder and piston

Now as the block deck is cleaned, the grit will not work down on the rings.

Now the head alignment dowels need to be removed, find something, back side of a drill bit, large bolt, or a ¼ drive socket, Is should be close to the ID of the dowel.

Now take vice grips and clamp onto the dowel.

Start with wiggle movement, going to a twist when you feel movement,

Walk the dowel out of the block.

EDIT It was brought to my attention, that grit and grime may fall into the vertical oil galley, to solve this plug with a piece of blue paper towel that later will be removed with a pic. Or pushed out if you spin the oil pump sprocket with a drill (Messy way)

I prefer a long hard back body board with 80 grit sandpaper.

Now go over the deck surface with light to moderate force to remove the gasket residue.

Use different angles across the block.

Once all the residue is removed, rotate the engine over, so one pair of pistons is at TDC.

Now with rags, or blue paper towels, wipe the grease away, Wipe the Pistons at TDC, and the walls of the cylinders that are at BDC

Now rotate the crank 180*, and repeat.
Do this till you can see the top ring on the piston at TDC.

Once the grease is cleaned up, Wipe the cylinders with a blue paper towel with clean engine oil on it.

Use a solvent, such as brake cleaner, and wipe the block deck.
Install the head alignment dowels back in.

You are now ready to install your head gasket, and finish your build.
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