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Head Problem

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So I put the whole car back together this weekend. I came to putting the oil feed line from the head to the turbo and the bolt wouldnt tighten in to the head so I tryed to get it as tight as I could. Started the car and a water fall of oil came down. What should I do to fix this cause the threads got pulled out of the head. I was going to heli coil it but the bolt is fine thread m10 with 1.00 pitch and I found no kits with that thread pitch. Dont know what I should do, I was thinking new head but dont really wanna take everything back off.
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its probably your crush washers...they go bad all the time because they are so friggin delicate. I hate that oil feed line from the head anyways. If you have some cash lying around I would suggest you go out and buy a stainless steel turbo feed line that gets oil straight from the oil filter housing. That way you are not pulling cruddy oil from the head to feed your turbo and in doing so it will prolongue the life of your turbo and fix any leak problem. If you want to make a kit yourself all you need to buy is a 4AN line I think it is and a 90 degree elbow from slow boy racing. If you want you can also buy the kit from them too...its like 50 bucks...well worth it. Than all you have to do is plug up the hole from the head and not even worry about it.
Is there any vfaq or anything on this? Like where do I acutally tap in the the line?
sounds like the head is stripped. you can helicoil it. also, be careful when removing that bolt, you don't want to get any of those head strippings into the oil feed line for your turbo.
Can you link me to the slowboy kit that you are talking about?
You get two chances with that fitting. If you strip the front, bend the feed to the side one. Its the same either side. I snapped the front one off, pounded a bolt into it, bent the oil feed to the side and threw a bolt in it. Stripped that :rolleyes: , went to the hardware store, drilled a slightly bigger bolt thru and across, and tightened it down. If i get a drop of oil in a week it would be something. :rolleyes:
That is unfiltered oil tho, well, is goes thru alot of other things before the turbo, the filter housing feed is the better way. But if you're stuck, thats an easy fix.
I picked up the helicoil kit at my local Napa, the P/N# is 770-3020 i think it was a hair under $40. but its good to have around, If you use a gob of wheel bearing grease on the drill bit and on the Tap, you can get most of the shavings out with the bit, just throw in a helicoil and use the stock M10x1.25 Bolt for the feed, do not try to Make your Own Banjo Bolt, That is too Ghetto. If you do decide to plug it somehow and go with a filtered oil feed line we do have them Here:

Thanks I will try one of these. Does anyone know what bolt I remove from the oil filter housing to tap into with the slowboy kit?
all you have to do is plug the side port with a bolt/helicoil.
then just remove the allen plug right next to it facing forward. then tap your oil line in to that port. see the rusty allen plug on the left ?

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