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head removal Q

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I'm removing the head off my 92 eclipse sohc to do some work on it. I had a q though. I took off all the allen headed bolts off the top and it wouldn't come off. I searched for hidden bolts and found one on the right side under the cam (cam is out already). Is the head stuck or do I need to take that bolt off? Or does that bolt go to somethin else?
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I don't know about the SOHC, but on the 4g63's the head bolts and underneath the cams. It's also a possibilty that the head is stuck, sometimes they need to be persueded.
is the intake manifold off of it yet. The 2.0's have a bracket that bolts to the block and than the intake manifold. I am not sure about the 1.8 though. If you have the ex manifold off, the intake off, the timing belt off, and all of the water piping unhooked it should come off. It will probably be a little hard to pull off though,
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