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help! 3" gm maf

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alright guys, i live in augusta, ga. where NOBODY in town keeps 3" silicone hose. i need some 3" couplers and 2 1/2" couplers and a couple of 2 1/2" to 3" reducers. but with the gm maf, the outside diameter is 3 1/4". the silicone hose won't stretch that much haha. what have some of you with the 3" maf done to resolve this issue? i will be going from 3" IC piping to the maf. i would like to start this thing up this weekend. i might just have to take a trip to ATL for some couplers. any suggestions would be great.
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anyone? i think i might go to 3si in charlotte tomorrow. i was informed they have any size coupler you could imagine. and my roommate wants to go check out the 3000gt's there.
Either put the couplers in the microwave for a few seconds, use a couple screwdrivers to get the coupler over the end of the maf, or try to find a 3.25" coupler.
my FP 3in couplers took some elbow grease to fit my GM MAF so it can be done. a screwdriver helped. or you could heat them up in very hot water too.

me and a fellow dsm'er actually fit 3in couplers on a 3.5in MAF but it was a real pain. so it can be done. think like mcguyver
heat em up, now thats a way to use your noodle. thanks alot guys!
Dude don't try the heating or screwdriver method!! I had the same problem you have - 2.5" IC pipework to 3.25" MAF. I tried and tried to stretch the 3" to the 3.25" - no dice!! I called up Kinetic Motorsport and they actually make silicone couoplers especially for the 3.25" MAF.

Ordered 2 3.35"/2.5" reducers and the right T-bolt clamps and had it all in a few days. The guy that I talked to knew exactly what I was after when I mentioned GM MAF. Easy to deal with.

The right part makes a world of difference when doing jobs like this.


Hope that helps.

You can make it work by heating up the coupler. I would suggest warm water if you do, but if you would like to do it right, order the correct part like stated above.

Take care,

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