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The night before last my buddy jeremy was driving to Hickory NC when he hydroplaned and slid sideways off the side of the road. He had his nephue in the car with him...the car was wraped around a tree, and his nephue is now in a comma. I know there are other sections of this forum for things like this, but I told him I would see what I could do to help pay for medical bills and such. I looked at his car and noted that there where indeed some salvagable parts which I can take off and sale for him to fellow Eclipse/DSM owners that may need them. Here is what he has,..

His car was a 92 white eclipse RS

drivers side fender - 50 dollars
pasenger side fender - 50 dollars
Drivers side door - 100 dollars
Full dash - 150 dollars
gauge cluster - 50 dollars
OEM clutch - 20 dollars (low wear)
climate control unit - 30 dollars
carpet - 40 dollars (perfect condition just wrinkled)
front springs - 10 dollars a peice 15 for both
front shocks - 15 dollars a peice 20 dollars for both
front bumper - 45 dollars
both head lights - 50 a peice or both for 90 dollars
hood - 40 dollars
5 speed tranny - 100 dollars
low miledge RS motor -350 dollars
ECU - 20 dollars
drivers seat - 30 dollars
newer 97 wheels w/ new tires - 200 dollars (may work on price)

Anyone that would like to do a full conversion or would want the motor with the Tranny and the ecu I'll get rid of all of them together for 400 dollars. The motor is in great condition dispite being a 1.8l SOHC, and includes many new parts. You can still sit in the car and crank the engine with no problem, the damage was mainly to the rear and part of the pasenger side. I would like to thank you guys for any help you can give, he loved that car, and I hate to part it out, but he doesn't have a job and this seems to be the only way we could help him out.
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