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help its cold outside and i have no heat!

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well just as the title says. i took me ac out not to long ago and all was fine and good. i can deal w/o ac but i have to have me some heat. it turns on but just blows air. please give me some suggestions. someone said it could be my thermostat. possablities? thanks guys.
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heater core? are there two coolant lines going into the fire wall?
Also check your coolant level. Does it never blow any heat at all? Or does it just take a long long time for it to start warming up? Is it definately moving air? Check the easy and obvious things first like the knob(duh, but you never know), check the coolant level, thermostat. If it's not one of those, then start looking at the core itself.

Good luck!
I've had an time when my headgasket was on it way out and the heat would blow out cold. Do your coolant temp ever rise about norm? Doubt that is your problem but just something to thing about.
well the car has been pretty much sitting (taking up te street every week or so) for a yr 1/2 waiting to get my license back ;) so ive never really tried the heat before. it deff blows air but its just cold air. how do i check to see if the thermostat and heater core is bad. im pretty sure my coolent lever is ok but ill check again. thanks for the help guys. i really would like to get this fix before i have to drive in this cold ass weather
when my heater core went i notice coolant on the driver side floor and the car would overheat. could it be clogged? i dunno if that would interupt the coolant flow.
if the thermostat was screwed wouldnt the car overheat? it warms up just like it should and stays there. is there a way its still messed up?
brianeclipse98 said:
if the thermostat was screwed wouldnt the car overheat? it warms up just like it should and stays there. is there a way its still messed up?
Not neccesarily, The thermostat just went out in my girlfriends 97 Eclipse. If you sat and let it idle, it would reach normal operating temp. As soon as you started driving, it would cool way off and blow cold air.
As said above, if the thermo is stuck open your car will never remain at operatng temp, thus you having no heat. Change the thermostat and get your heat back!
HOLY SHIT!! i got a new thermostat, open the housing to put it in, THERES NO THERMOSTAT IN THERE!!! wtf!! i guess the stupid ass that had the car before me forgot to put it in. yeah that would deff explaing it. hahaha now my question is which way dose it go in. small end 1st or big end 1st?
duh nvm i figured it out. she blowin nice and hot now. thanks a lot guys.
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