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Hey guys, today while the car was iddling in a stop the CEL came. I logged it and the code is "p0340"

As far as i know this is an error about the CAM angle sensor malfunction.
Somebody told me that this error can occur by a misfire.

It comes at iddle or at very light throttle and when it comes i can feel like the engine does a shake, like it loses the power during 1/4 of a seccond.
I guess is a misfire.

The car runs perfect.

The only thing i modified 3-4 days ago was that i rewired the fuel pump.

The timing belt is around 1000miles old, but i have to say that after leaving the car off during the night, the next morning you find the timing belt quite loose between the two cam sprockets. But as soon as you start the engine it tensiones again.

Could be the fuel pump rewire?

I'm totally lost on this.

Any help?
I Checked the nut that holds the metallic thing on the camshaft and was tight.

The sensor itself seems to have no movement.
I'll try to spray anticorrosion fluid on the connector and see.

Is it commont for those sensors to fail?

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Could definatly be the rewire. if there is any loose connection the fuel pump will not receive the correct voltage and cause rough engine run.
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