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help me

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i am installing my shaved handles kit and i am not to sure as to how to install my solenoids. also i am not sure exactly which latch to connect it up to either. i have a 95 talon if that helps. also i need to know how to hook up the button. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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i know there have been other threads that talk about this but none of them have the information i am looking for.
Arent there any instructions that came with your kit?
Yeah, I would think the manual that came with the kit could answer those questions for you. If not, then I'd try the manufacturer website or give them call.
I haven’t messed with mine in a few years so I can’t get too much into detail for the fact that I can’t remember much. I defiantly had to make a custom bracket out of a scrap piece of metal and I know the final position of the solenoids were vertical. As far as what to attach it to I have no idea. Take the door panel off and just mess with it to see what it takes to open the door.

Also another thing that you have it do is find somewhere to mount the original key whole. In a 2G the only way to shut off the stock alarm is to put the key in the whole and turn it. I mounted mine in the inside of the door lip.

Now the word of caution:
I tell this to everyone who ask me about this. If this is your DD you might want to rethink this as it is more of a pain in the ass then anything. I also hope you are a skinny guy that likes to crawl through the hatch because I foresee lots of that in your future. If you do go through with it take off the lower door cap and get that line shaved also. I personally think the doors of a 2G are a work of art and are overlooked.

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You should get it installe properly , my friend messed up when he installed his himself
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