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HeLp! Oil out of head into Exhaust Manifold.

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Right now I have oil coming out of my head and squirting out near my exhaust manifold bolt. (Bottom row middle). What is the cause of this and how do I fix it?

I can take a picture if needed.

Oil is also bubling coming out if that makes a diffrence.

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Are you sure its the head gasket? Or the valve cover? Pic would help
If the 1g head is anything like the 2g head, there is an oil passage behind one of the exhaust manifold stud holes. If that particular exhaust manifold stud becomes loose or falls out, you will lose oil quickly. This happened to me (exhaust manifold stud fell out) oil squirted out of the hole.
BTW, I think mitsubishi is retarded for designing a head with a potentially open oil hole.
Mitsubishi is retarded for alot of things that they do. For example 2g motors, 7 bolt, smaller head ports, restricted intake mani, smaller turbo, smaller tb. There automatic transmissions. I could name things off all day long.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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