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Help Please, dsm wont start

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I am posting this for a friend so here it is:

My talon wont start for some reason. The day it died it started acting weird and wouldnt boost "normally" and it felt like it was lagging a little bit so I parked it in my driveway it just DIED!!?? shut off and wouldnt start i didnt do anything to it so its a pretty much stock engine there is also no electric power to anything my lights wipers interior lights etc.. dont work and all the fuses are fine does does anybody know why it would do this stuff ???....and also i have another problem that i have had since I got the car when i turn the key to start my car it takes like 7-10 trys before it starts but now all in general it just wont even start..Any Ideas?


Thanks, steven

.... Please contribue your facts :cool:
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I would check to be sure the timing is on, and get some power in there to see whats up, could it be as simple as a dead battery?
The battery is brand spankin new.. how do you check to see if the timing is on?
check fuses...you'd be surprised the weird crap that happens
He already checked fuses. Could it possibly be grounding??? The alternator or battery ground??? That's what I would check first. You said before it died it would take a couple of tries. It could have been the ground was barely alive. And you get NO power to anything in the car correct??? So that would be the battery ground, because if the car is off, that's where the power comes from, and that deffinently needs a ground. I don't know, that's what I would check first because you can fix it with some good speaker wire. And it wouldn't hurt. Grounds help out a lot. After you check that or...don't, you should check your fuel. Good Luck!
I know it's been said before but check the alternator fuse. Replace it even if it looks good.

Just a tip, electrical problems usually only get solved if you go at them systematically. Get a multimeter and verify battery voltage first. With a good battery, pull off one of the leads and check for a drain(using the ammeter function of the voltmeter) Then check for a drain with the key on. If good voltage is present and there is no drain(or short), then the problem will probably be an open path. Test each of your main battery leads(- to firewall, - to tranny, + to starter, + to fusebox and eventually the alternator) Also make sure to clean your battery posts and check your terminals.

Good luck, electrical gremlins are the worst.
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