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help please

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ok i am not yet sure why or how but last night i was at a bout 5 grand in second and my flywheel decided to fly off and escape out of the bellhousing, there was an a$$ load of coolant everywhere, not sure if the block got hurt, but the bell housing is gone....anyways i have a parts car , 1991 n/t and i am more than likely just going to build that one and put it in , if my block is busted..but anyways can i use 2nd gen pistons and not forged pistons with that n/t block, i've herd that the n/t block has only 1 oil squirter per cylinder , while the turbo has 2.....i was told if i didnt used forged pistons i would burn the pistons up.....is this true?? or can i get away with using 2nd gen pistons......and one more >? are the n/t and turbo piston rods the same in 90 and 91? any help would be awesome.....thankx
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ok nt engine have no oil squirters yes you can put 2nd gen nt pistons in it, as far i as i have seen when taking these engines apart, the rods are the same from turbo and nt so...

hope this helps and , try to run a search for the nt conversion threads, as they may be of help too
thanks so i dont need to worry about burning the pistons up?
not as long as it is in proper tune
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