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Hesitation under full boost + CEL

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Hey guys, I own a 92 plymouth laser awd turbo. 14b turbo, stock exhaust, 60,000 miles. Pretty stock besides the clutch. Still has the rubber intercooler pipe. The car has been slowly falling apart on me and I have been trying to restore it as the whole car in its entirety is in GREAT CONDITION. On to my problem.

When I accelerate, only sometimes, will the car hesitate real bad, but still build boost just fine. If I let off the accelerator and get back in boost, itll start to accelerate fine. Once I let out again and go to accelerate itll pretty much hesitate and you can here the timing( the actual ignition timing) "bouncing" around, and not advancing properly. I have new plugs, bunch of new sensors but the problem is with this CEL light that comes on. It goes off right as soon as the car starts running properly again. I mean as soon as it stop hesitating, the CEL dissapears and the car will run normal.

Anyone with this problem or knows hwat it could be. Its been going on for 8 months or so now and I am just at my wits end.

ONE OTHER THING I would like to add is that the cam sensor is pretty advanced right now, to the point where I don't think I can advance it any further, and the reason I have it like this is. If I retard the cam sensor even ever so slightly backwards, the car runs like a complete dog and never feels like the timing advances and it sounds extremely weird when it hesitates, like the turbo whistle comes in and out. Its an extremely weird problem.
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If you search around here, me and some other people have had this same exact problem. I never got to fine out what it was because i put a new motor in my car, but there is a thread on here that is about the same thing. I'll try to find it for you. Welcome to the forums and the SEARCH button shall be your best friend.
I would'nt advance yout timing and its probably caused by knock.

By the way since your car now had 60k on it you should start looking in to replacing a few thing if you haven't already.
Timing belt and pulleys
Water pump
balance shaft belt
and the timing tensioner.

i found the link... search through this
What i would do run a boost leak tester to check for leaks around the upper rubber ic pipe and bet any amount of money that you have a huge boost leak in the upper inlet of your stock smic, i was stunned to find my leak in that same area that i just mentioned. My smic had three small pitted holes plus a green smelly type of corrosion around the upper inlet,once that was all cleaned up i was still left with those three pitted holes so what i did was put the upper rubber hose on the smic and dropped it down far enough so that the holes were covered up by the upper rubber hose and placed the clamp back on it,It's just a temporary fix till i get my tax return and i purchase the bar/plate large fmic.
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