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I have an oil leak that seems to coming from the front cover gasket at the top near the timing belt pulley (photo attached). It causes oil to reach the belt and gets slung everywhere. I am thinking that this may be tied to high oil pressure that I am experiencing.

Here is what I have done to address this nightmare;
-Replaced front cover and cover gasket with Mitsu OEM parts which included the oil pump.
-replaced CAM seals and crank shaft front main seal.
-After all of that the oil leak was still there so I removed the front cover again and repacked the OEM gasket again, but added Mitsu 3 bond on both sides of the gasket. still leaks.
-noticed my oil pressure is around 75PSI @ 3000 RPM Motor hot. As the RPM raises the PSI raises. @ 4000 and above I exceeding 100 PSI.
-removed the oil filter housing and ported the regulator drain back port. This changed nothing, pressure the same leak the same.
The block is freshly machined with race bearings and balance shafts removed.

I'm at a total loss with the oil leak and high oil pressure. I about to through the towel in on this nightmare car and can't enjoy. As you can read above I have a million dollars and million hours in it to address this oil leak.

I have read countless articles on DSM high oil pressure issues and cannot come up with concrete ideas as to what the problem is. Is my pressure too high causing the leak or is the pressure ok. How could porting the OFH have 0 effect?

Thank you
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