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Parts came from http://www.extremeboost.com. They showed up about two days after the order was placed. Some other friends have dealt with them, and they seem to be a great shop. I have seen in person one of the tubular headers they make for the mr2. It was absolutely beautiful. It seems like every possibilty seemed to have been thought of. Flanges welded inside and out, all the welds were flawless inside and out. Supposedly a 4g63 model is in the works.

On to the review:

Cams went in easily. Zip tied the timing belt to the cam gears, wedged stuff around it to keep keep it from being sucked in by the tensioner while it was off the cam.

I'm not sure about overall power increases yet, the car still isn't fully tuned. I do see a higher Karman count than before at the same psi.

Regardless of any power gains I see, I'll still be a satisfied customer. The power curve is much smoother than it used to be. I used to have a tuning issue where my top end bordered on knocking and running rich enough to make the car sputter. Now that issue is gone, and the correction graph on my SAFC looks much more linear than it used to. In first gear my car always used to sputter if I went WOT from a roll when I was tuned for 0 knock at the top of third gear, it also no longer does that.

The only retuning I did was to lean all my settings out by 2-5%. Running the tuning I had pre-cams the car felt pretty flat and had 0 knock. From there I began leaning everything out. I did about 4-5 2nd to 3rd gear rolls.

The car idles fine at the stock 750 RPM point. It sounds just "lopey" enough to be cool (very cool, actually :) ), but not enough to cause problems. You'd probably only notice it if you were paying attention to it. The "lopeyness" also shakes the car a little bit more than it used to. The car has a had a problem with stalling and stumbling when dropping from a high rpm if I push in the clutch to coast. This also seems to occur less frequently now.

Maybe I'm a dumbass and could have remedied those problems another way, but whatever the issues were is beyond me. The cams took care of almost all of my driveability complaints. That feature was totally unexpected, but definately welcome!

For reference the original cams were from a 1990 model year car.
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