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hks 40mm wastegate and manifold

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ok i have an hks 40mm wastegate on a ported 2g manifold. its been tapped for egt. this is a real hks not a knock-off. it also comes with a dump tube that can be rerouted back into the down pipe

300 shipped obo

email me at [email protected]

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i have a ? about the manifold, what kind of welder do u use for cast iron to steel and how exactly did you fab it up?

umm i bought it like this so im not sure. sorry
yes i do i can shipout tomorrow. it will ship out via usps. for an extra 10 i can ship it priority mail. 2-3 days.

paypal is [email protected] please add 3% for there fees

ps dont send an e check because it takes 5 days to clear.
not as of right now....still havent recieved any money through paypal.
ok well im keeping it now. so it no longer for sale
ok i got a good deal on another manifold. so really dont need this anymore.

285 shipped. +paypal fees

also have a brand new sbr lsd insert 150 shipped.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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