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HKS Super Sequential BOV w/ recirc and 1g adapter

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HKS Super Sequential BOV w/ recirculation fitting and Dejon 1g BOV flange adapter. $240 shipped, $225 pickup in NJ. Great working condition with signs normal wear and tear in the finish.

take a look :eek:

This BOV works great and seals tight on boost. There is a noticeable performance difference from a 1g bov. Do a forum search to learn more about this BOV, including its drawbacks.

PM is best to contact me, Paypal ready.

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just curious, where can i get that hks adapter from?

click on "bov-misc-tools" on the left
Nobody interested? This thing is bolt-on, ready to go!
Intrested. Cash in hand. Going to search through about these "drawbacks" first though. Will reply later on tonight if it is still available.
Big Tree -I answered your PM, but I'll share my thoughts with all. I'm disclosing all this because I don't want somebody buying this thing and then complaining that it's broken. It's not broken, that's just the way it works.

Regardless of the screw position, all HKS ssv are very fickle under very low boost situations, 1-3 psi. Depending on how you come off the throttle, you could get a little bucking/surging. I have only experienced it while top gear (OD w AT)passing on the highway under mild boost. Unfortunately, 99% of my driving is on the highway passing semi's.

However, if you are an aggressive driver, and you are in the boost all the time, street/strip car, you WILL LOVE this bov. There is no doubt in my mind of the performance gain over the 1g bov. I could feel the difference in acceleration. This thing hold boost perfectly and releases perfectly.

My hks ssv is not bad or faulty. I'm selling it because it's not a good match for my car's setup and driving style.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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