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How hard are these to install? are they good?

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I just bought a 96 eclipse gst and the person who i bought it from threw in a box of intrax lowering springs. I was wandering how much effort it is to install these and if they will improve my handling much or not. thanks in advance.
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i've heard lowering springs feel nice, but dont forget to get good shocks with them, or else you will bottom out more.... lol because even with shocks you probably will bottom out some, this is just what i hear, lowering springs AND good adjustable shocks are nice combination... do you know how much those lower the car?
You should also look into getting a good camber kit for the front and rear and getting an alignment done as well.
Djwired said:
i've heard lowering springs feel nice,
So your saying your buddies buddies girlfriends brother thought they feel "nice"? Come on now, post your own personal experience and not hearsay. I PERSONALLY have installed and owned 3 cars with lowering springs. My 99 gst had eibach sportlines with stock struts and it rode like shit. The car looked awesome and handled great but ride was bummy. The stock struts must have lasted 5 days and they were blown (I bought it with the kit on it).

I have also owned a 95 talon tsi with Tein lowering springs with tokico hp shocks. This car rode amazing and handled great. I personally researched this set up and installed it myself.

Lastly, I owned a 95 gsx with again, tockic hp shock, and eibach 1.2" drop springs (can't think of the name). Again, the car rode and handled awesome.

To install lowering springs is a pretty involved process. I'm sure there is a write up somewhere around here so I'm not going to get into it.

The Intrax springs seem to be of decent quality and drop. Drop seems to be 1 3/4".

NOW, my advise. Don't install the springs unless you have better then stock struts. You also don't need a camber kit but it would help. 2g lowered cars have horrible camber. The rears are easily fixed with hardware bolts but the front you have to buy a kit.
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