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How to Deck a 4G63 Block

The block is a 7bolt 4G63T

The block was brought in to be prepped for rebuild.

It has been Bored and Honed to .020 over std.

Checking the block I found it had .0025 taper from front to back and has water pitting.

I set the block on the machine fixture; the block is on the main saddles.

I make a .0005 pass, Cyl #1 is shorter than Cyl # 4

I see I have a good level set up side to side, notice the dark low spots around #1 cylinder.
A MLS head gasket will not have had a good sealing surface.


Pass #2 is a .0015 cut

Still some pitting at the fire ring of the head gasket.

One more pass of .0015
The block looks good, and has a good head gasket sealing surface.
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