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How to final wash an Engine Block

You just picked up your block from the machine shop, and your ready to build your engine.
The block may look clean, but it is not.
It still has grim and grit from machining in it.

It is up to you as the builder to final wash the block.

First gather together what you will need to clean the block.
Lint free paper towels, WD-40 , a good degreaser and a can of brake cleaner.

Now find a place to wash the block, a table or engine stand will be fine to use.

Now spray the degreaser all over the block, take good care to get the inside of the block and cylinder walls.
Let the degreaser work for 15 to 30 minutes, Do NOT let the block dry, reapply as needed.
Now spay the block down with clean water till the water runs clear.

Now quickly blow the cylinders and main bearing saddle surfaces dry with compressed air.

Now spray WD-40 in the cylinders and main bearing saddle surfaces to prevent rust.

Now spin the block around and spray brake cleaner into the oil galleys, I would recommend that any oil galley plugs be removed for this step if they were not at the machine shop. Just make sure to install them back.

At this point, take compressed air and blow through all the oil galleys,

main and head bolt holes.

Repeat till all signs of grit and old oil is removed.
Now take a couple paper towels and fold into ¼ and spray WD-40 on them, soaking them well.

Now wipe the cylinders down

Look at the paper towel now. This is hone stone grit and rust. Leaving this in the cylinders can cause issues with the rings glazing and not sealing.

Keep flipping and folding the paper towel and soaking with WD-40 until the paper towel comes back out clean!!

Now look in the corners inside the block and in general give the block a good look over for anything missed.

Make sure any oil galley plugs that were removed are replaced.

You can not get your block too clean!!
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