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How to plug the crank oil galleys

I have spoken out about removing the oil galleys balls in the crank.

So once the balls are out

So all the crud can be removed.

After you have gotten most of the crud out, spray with brake cleaner.

Then use a small brush to scrub the galley.
Then spray some more brake cleaner, and blow out with compressed air.

Next have a new tap, and some sleeve retaining loc-tite

6 bolt cranks use a 5/16 x 18 tap and set screw (3/8 long)
7bolt cranks use a ¼ x 20 tap and set screw (1/2 long)

Caution must be used when tapping the crank so you do not snap the tap off in the crank.

Again spray with brake clean and blow out with compressed air.
Apply the green sleeve retaining loc-tite and screw in the set screw.

After tighten the set screws, take a blunted center punch and peen a few spots around the set screw.

This will deform the threads in both the crank and set screw so it cannot vibrate out.
Now you have a crank that you do not have to worry about the crud becoming loose and being carried into the bearings.
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