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How to recirculate Turbo XS RFL BOV?

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Hi guys,

I bought my car with Turbo XS RFL BOV. Now it is venting into atmosphere and I need to recirculate it. I don't now how to do it because of the shape of BOV. Has anybody done recirculation on this BOV or do I need to change it into another one?

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Yes Adam, you need to change it. In order to recirculate, you need to find a way to connect that "horn" to your intake pipe. So, unless you can weld a piece, it will not hold a tight enough seal no matter how you put in a hose. You could try to insert a large barb fitting or nipple in that horn and then put a hose in it? :)
or maybe I could cutt off that wide part of the 'horn' and then be able to put the hose on.
...if I only knew that son of a bitch who had my car before me...
sell it and get a 1g BOV with the profits. That is the easiest way to go.
well, I live in Lithuania - it would not be the easiest way to find a buyer for Turbo XS BOV here and to ship 1gen BOV from US.
Its been done, not sure where it was posted but if you search im sure you can find the thread. Its either on here or dsmtuners.com
The idea of cutting off the bell part of the horn might work. :) Just leave enough that you can get a hose over the remainder and get a clamp on it.
Ok guys,
just to let you know. I have cut off the bell part of BOV's horn and was able to put the hose on it and clamp it. It worked out very well. I am happy now. Car feels stronger.
I'll post some pictures of raped Turbo XS RFL BOV tomorrow. :)
Good to see your actually trying to do things right. Got any pics of how it turned out?

-Dallas J
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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