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How to remove a Broken Bolt

There are many different methods.

This is one of the more common methods using an EZ-Out

This method works best on bolts that broke due to being over tighten.
The EZ-out method has little success on cross threaded or rusted bolts.

The tools needed are few.

Proper size drill bit
A good sharp center punch
Crescent wrench
Proper size EZ-OUT

There is two different styles of EZ-out, A left handed spiral flute and a straight flute.

I will be using a spiral flute in this removal.
The spiral flute will screw down and get a firm “bite” on the inside of the broken bolt.
First with the hammer and center punch, knock a good divit as close as possible to the center of the bolt.

This is done so the drill bit will not walk around when you start to drill.

Now with the drill bit in the drill motor.
I am using a 1/8 inch drill bit, the broken bolt is a 8mm (5/16ths)

Drill appox. 1/8th to 1/4th inch down the center of the bolt.
Drill as straight as possible.
Some times it will be necessary to drill all the way through the bolt.

Blow all the metal chips out of the bolt hole.

Now take the EZ-Out and tap in to the hole you just drilled.

Now using the square on the back end of the EZ-out.
Gently apply pressure to the broken bolt, until you feel movement.
If you apply too much pressure, and snap the EZ-Out off in the hole, you will have more serious issues.
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