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i have no idea...do you?

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ok maybe someone can help me out with this one.

let me start my stating that my car as far as i knew needed a new balljoint on the right tire as well as a tie rod i'm not sure which end. It also had an exhaust leak where the down pipe met the cat. For point of reference i have a 1999 gs eclispe

my car also made some annoying whining noise from the accesory belt area. I'm still not sure what it is.

with that out of the way heres what happened. i was driving home from work and just about three blocks from my house the car broke. I came to a stop sign stoped and the put the car in first and started to go. I gave it alittle to much gas so it was a quick take off but i didnt burn the tires at all.

LUOD CRACK, LOUD POP, Motor sputtered alittle.

I pulled over turned the car off and checked my oil, checked my belt, looked for fluids, checked the tires.

The oil was low and dirty but is was in there, belt was tight, didnt see any fluids on anything or under the car, tires seemed to be being held in place firmly.

So i turned the car back on and now i'm STUMPED. idle's normally, clutch worked, drove straight, but was making all kinds of loud noises.

the motor was really loud sounded like the exhaust came apart but i checked under the car and there was'nt any smoke coming outta anything. The whining noise from the belt area was considerably louder then normal and seemed to being making a scraping noise too. when i drove it the three blocks home i heard metal scraping on metal noises.

after listening to it again today it seems as though the noise is primarily coming from behind the block on the left side , where my timing belt is. its making so much noise though its kinda hard to tell exactly where its coming from so thats just a guess.

i am wondering if maybe its a blown gasket or a bearing of some sort or if it has something to do with the timing belt.

well thats the story how it happened my thanksgiving plans are ruined and i dont know how i am gonna get to work on saturday. I just wanted to have some vauge idea of what this might be for when i some how get it to the mahanic.

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right now i have my car parked out front of my fathers house in exton PA if there is anyone in the general area that would'nt mind coming by my house to take a look at it and give me some insight let me know and we can get in contact.

I really just wanna get some opinions on what the problem is before i do anything cause money is tight and i dont have a reliable machanic to go to right now.
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