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I need help! Egr & 6 bolt

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Please guys, this is really important. I have searched a lot, and all links are dead or cannot understand them.

I have a 2g with a 6 bolt swap. I have no egr system at all. I'm planning on buying the whole system.\

After I buy a 2g egr system, how do i install it... from what i read, the 6 bolt egr system works differently. Please, help me man...
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Actualy, i was thinking... instead of modifying a 2g egr system to work with a 6bolt, can't I just get a 1g egr system? Will it work with my '97 ECU?
Seriously guys... i really need help. i gotta pass emission before the end of the month. :(
I was told that it's common to take those off. My friend doesnt have one on his 3000GT and he passed emissions with flying colors. :confused:
Okay... but problem is that i still get a cel... and what about the visual test?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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