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I need help quick (drivetrain problems)

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well driving to work 2 days ago I noticed that when i shifted to 5th and hit the gas from about 2000 rpm there was wierd noises coming from under the car. They sount like something was rubbing bad or stressing. Everything else was normal so i thaught maybe it was normal and i just never noticed before because i like to play music. Today i was driving from work and it was doing the samething but worse and there was also some grinding noises coming from in front of me. :confused:

Driving further i heard what sount like something was draging under the car that didnt change with the gears but with how fast i drove. i looked under the car and nothing was draging but after that the noise went away. Maybe there was something draging and it fell off so this might not be relivant. It has been blizzarding here for the last 2 days so i could have scooped something up from a pile of snow.

Also today i have kicked out my ass end many times trying to accel on the slick snow and ice almost like the front wheels are not spinning. Now i dont know if this is normal or not with an awd because this is my first winter with one but it feels like i only got rwd sometimes.

Now I dont know if this is the cause of my problems but a couple weeks ago i tryed to reverse with the e-brake on :eek: and gave it a little to much gas and heard a loud bang :eek: . I quickly let off the gas, released the brake and continued on my way. Everything seemed fine after that so i thaught nothing of it.

My car runs great other than that, except the occasional gear that i cant get into untill i let of the clutch and press it again.

If anyone has any ideas of what this might be or how serious it is or how much it may cost to fix please let me know asap beacuse i am driving this car alot now but i can use another car if i need to.
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First thing I would do it get the car up in the air and check and change all of the fluids. Trans, transfer case, rear end. Look for metal in the fluid that you drain.

If you see no damage fill 'er back up with good stuff and see if the problem persists.
thanks ill check
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