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i went to track today

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i feel happy about my car... i went 2 track today and i dont know my 1/4 mile time, but what i know is that i smoked everybody except and integra v-tec that got me like for 1 1/2 car advantage. everyboy else got in my smoked list: tiburon new and old versions, susuki swifts, mustangs, fords, nissan se-R, i found an issue with my car doub... I started at 3,500 rpms almost every run but my car kept bouncin' and sometimes it felt like it was an extreme burnout--- is their any launching tecnique for a fwd 2g dsm?

i was running at 14psi pump gas...
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That bouncing is wheel hop, get some motor mount inserts and it'll get rid of that.
Be very careful with wheel hop. It doesn't take much of it to screw up your drivetrain.
i've heard of something called LSD (limited slip diferential) what is that and how can that help me? will that give me some seconds less in the 1/4 mile time?
^^If you don't know what that is then I seriously recommend spending some time online learing about you're car, how it works, and the huge variety of part's available for it.
Any time slips to show? What did the Teg run?
Only 14 PSI?? Im supposing your on the stock t25 turbo. You should have ran 16 psi, im pretty sure thats a safe boost level for that turbo. I owned a 01 Type R and lost to a GST with a boost controller at 16 PSI on the stock turbo and a BOV when all i had was an intake and exhaust. If the integra has minimal mods, something doesnt sound right. Im curious as to what the Integra's mods were.
So what did you run, "thats the hole reason I looked at this thread."
Lets here the details...
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