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I would like to pay your attention to one car!

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I was really impressed by mod list, the guy did to his 3000GT. Just take a look at it.
I can imagine how much $$ he put into his car.

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yea thats von's car. Its amazing. there are even more pictures of his car, its soooo good looking.
Yeah, his car is amazing. He beat Jessica's car in the voting too.
a lot of those cars are hot..but that red one...wow...i would love to own that...i bet he has sunk about 35,000 into that car (including hte price)
I love vr-4s....always had a thing for em
I definatley wouldn't complane if it was in my driveway!
before the gsx i wanted a 3kgt baaad...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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