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idle speed

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I was wondering if you need the scan tool to set the idle speed on a 2nd gen? is there any way around it? On my first gen all ya had to do was ground the two connectors, the diagnostic port and the one on the fire wall? Thanks
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Ummm... not sure what you talking about, but if you wanna set your idle, just screw/unscrew the BISS
The ECU counteracts the isc, the only way to set it if I am not mistaken is to hook a obd II to ground the diagnostic test control terminal. So the idle speed can be set. I am wondering if there is another way around it? like on the first gen’s you just have to use jumper wires to ground then it takes all control away from the ECU.
anyone have any comments to help me out???
Yes, to do it right you should have a scan tool like said above.

In my experience though I have set the idle speed with the BISS and it stayed where I set it. I usually keep my idle around 1k and the ecu has never readjusted it back down to 750rpm. Hehe, maybe something is broken but if it is I am not fixing it. :D
i went and adjusted the BISS to bring the idle up and it set at 800 but it just droped back down after awile to 500 this is on a 99 gst, and 500 is way too low. i dont get it.
This is happening to my 1G as well (90 Tsi AWD). I wasn't aware that I had to jumper anything to set the idle speed, the BISS screw doesnt' seem to change the idle at all!

I've just figured I had a vacuum leak up to this point (haven't had a chance to investigate that further yet), but if I have to jumper something?

I guess next step is to clean the throttle body. Thanks

TBGALLANT here is the link for the seting the idle on the 1st gen
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