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idle surge and sticky throttle after ecu rep.

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ok so the caps in my 91 n/t eclipse decide to melt holes in the board and wreck the ecu.so the car sat in the driveway for about a month and a half until i found a replacement.i put it in and start it up.it lidles high at about 2500 for 30 sec then surges like crazy.so i take it down the road for a drive and the throttle will stick for aprox. 3 sec. in every gear after i let off the gas.the pedal is not sticking on anything and none of this happed before the new ecu.so this leaves me to say that im scared and any insite would be appreiciated
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like you told me, redline and dump it into pitlics track and go fer a hell ride!!!!
haha you fuck, alright ya talked me into it,hows tuesday sound for hittin the tabletop at 70 mph...ill do it i swear to god ill do it...much love and keep the faith
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