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Is this alarm Installer gonna get bad Karma?

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Hi everyone,

I recently got a alarm installed on my 98 eclipse 420A, fast and furious 98 eclipse replica #4Paul.

So this is what happened. I went to get a alarm installed, the installer made my clutch everytime I depressed, it made a loud grinding sound! He made my ignition start abnormally quick( just turn the key a little started up), he even cracked my windshield on driver bottom corner where water could ceep into fuse panel. I went into the shop and asked what is that sound from clutch and why does it start so fast, he tell me I should go get clutch checked out, and you should say thank you for the fast starting ignition. I get a mechanic to check out my car, mechanic pulls the wire harness off starter and tell me step on your clutch now, it stops grinding. Mechanic calls the shop that installed my car alarm and he said call him make an appointment and he will fix it for free, I never called or went back.
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I should have never paid, but I was excited I paid first thing when I got in. Car was on verge of completion, Car was going in for paint right after alarm install. I didn't even look at the invoice till I got home, was too busy checking out my car, testing out new alarm etc. he never explained to me what he did, so I go check it out myself. He also installs an ignition lock relay that I never requested, put alot of black sticky tar around wires.
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Alarm installer also put exhaust warning lights on my car, my pcv valve was kinked from valve cover to air intake, I unkink it and scan the car and got another warning light, fuel intake system too lean. I checked under car where my catalytic converter is and find 2 wires cut, I find out they are ground wires. I later find out from google research my O2 sensor grounds from the catalytic converter, could that caused the exhaust warning light? There is also another black wire that was cut from same spot, what does that do? any help is appreciated, photos would help.

The evap leak was there before alarm install.
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The day I brought the car home from alarm install, I made a hard right turn and stepped on it cause this truck in front of me just steps on it, so it's a chain reaction so I step on it. My car stalls, step on clutch starts, stalls, step on clutch starts, happened about 3x, I was going about 30mph so it's frightening, car stalling at high speeds clutch starting when I step on clutch, I'm feeling super embarassed, life flashes right before my eyes, this could have been a catastrophic incident for me and public. When I finally got home I cried it was scary my car stalling at that speed, car front end slams, jerks up when I step on clutch starting back up. I'm thinking why would someone do this to someone, jealously hate?

Installer also tried to charge me $225 for my own passenger side door acuator, that had one(used dozens of times)When I said no he probably got mad! I needed to change alarm because I needed a new remote, old previous alarm remote I lost backing and did not wanna use tape and sometimes I pressed unlock/lock did not function properly. He even made the shock sensor defective on new alarm, Compustar alarm go through intensive quality checks.

I have removed the alarm and will be smashing it with a hammer. I just need to know if my igniton switch harness wiring is correct, not sure if he changed any pins around, before I put it back in and ground wiring near catylitic converter.

Here is some of the alarm installer alarm wiring, starting to be removed.
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Are these pins in the correct spots?
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Thank you all DSM Tuners in advance, this is a tribute for Paul Walker the legend. #4paul

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