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I'm stuck now !!!

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well i got all the parts needed for my auto to manual trany swap. 1st gen trany, 6bolt flywheel and press plate, etc..., thought i would have no problem. but when i pulled the auto trany off my 1993 plymouth laser rs i found it had a 7 bolt crank. :eek: now what do i do, can i just put a 7 bolt flywheel and press plate with my 1st gen trany. can i just change the crank to a 6 bolt (which i have at my house) will the crank fit the block without any problems? thanks for any help, i need to get this thing finished quick...
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its your fault, 1989 - 1992 are 6 bolt, and 93 and 94 are 7 bolt you have to get another flywheel, you cant just change the crank i believe the main bearings are spaced different
well i agree, i have no one to blame but myself for this one, not doing enough research before i started the project "live and learn". ok this is where i am now...i haven't had much luck finding a flywheel i like for the 7 bolt crank in my car. the engine in my car is in need of a refresh as well. I purchased a complete running 6 bolt engine a while back in the plan of building it up and swaping it with my engine but i never started tearing it down.. In an atempt to get my car back on the road i was just going to rip the 7 bolt out of my car and drop the 6 bolt in and will be able to use all the tranny components that i have. My question is will i have any problem in doing the swap and is all the wiring the same, everything looks the same but asumeing is what got me in trouble in the first place. thanks for anyones help.
You should be fine in the swap, the differences are in the bottom end.
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