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arrr!! What's going on? I have JOE P MBC.

I wanted to set my boost to steady 16psi, but I can't. I was getting creep from 15 to 17, then drops, and wanted to lower it, but once I took off the screw from Joe P MBC all the way OUT , I am now getting more boost creep from 16 to 19psi, then drops.
The boost should be the LOWEST when the screw is OFF, correct?
Can someone tell me if MBC can be bad OR, how should I check for actuator arm, and if so, HOW to check if Actuator Arm is good? THANK U.

p.s. <test-pipe dramatically increased my boost> but I'm assuming that's not the issue.
also, what would you call this? boost spike or creep? when I get increase from 15 to 17.5psi within 3 seconds, then falling back down after 5kRPM?
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