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installing gauges......

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i know this has been asked...everything has be asked, but here i go...i got my boost gaust gauge and my oil pressure gauge today....can i use a line off the throttle body on 1g, and how do i hook up the oil gauge....also i got a new turbosmart controller...can i use the existing solenoid?and what about the wires that are going into it??
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Boost gauge- Follow the instruction on www.vfaq.com Most tap into a dedicated intake mani pressure source or the line running to the fuel pressure regulator.

Oil Pressure- Mechanical or electric?

Boost control-Manual or electronic? Either way you won't be using the stock bcs.
both mechanical...i still dont know how to do the oil gauge...and do i just unplug the stock boost controller, and put it aside?can i use the existing hoses from it
Just take off the hoses from the stock BCS. Don't take the bcs itself out.
I like to use the bov line. Good vaccum and boost sypply there. Not any vaccum at the bcs though. GO either off the bov line, or the fpr line. For the oil guage look below the alternator at the oil filter housing. See the sylinoid with the wire going to it. You will need to make a t so that you can leake that one in and put your new one in. You can find parts at hardware store. Make sure not to get pipethread stuff though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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